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Hearing tests are a way to evaluate your hearing and it is easy and painless. They can determine if you have hearing loss, the type and severity of hearing loss. After the test is performed the audiologist will go over options for treatment if it is necessary.

What Happening During a Hearing Test

Have a hearing test scheduled? You might be wondering what will happen during your hearing test. The hearing healthcare professional will look at outer, middle and inner ear through various tests. Some of the tests they may perform are:

  • Pure Tone Hearing Test: You will sit in a sound booth and listen to sounds through headphones and indicate to the audiologist if you hear the sound.
  • Bone Conduction Hearing Test: They will place a small device behind your ear and send sounds to the device causing your skull to gently vibrate in order to tell how well you can hear.
  • Acoustic Reflex Hearing Test: The test can help check for particular types of hearing loss related to how well your acoustic reflex still responds to these types of sound.
  • Tympanometry: The test can help determine if you have fluid in the ear, a middle ear infection, a tear in the eardrum, or a problem with the eustachian tube.
  • Standardized Speech Test: They will say words to you through headphones and ask you to repeat the words. They will record the softest and sometimes the loudest speech you hear.

Once the tests are complete, your hearing healthcare professional will review the results of your test with you, review treatment options if necessary and answer questions you may have about the results.

Online Hearing Test

An online hearing test are a great way to start to see if you might have hearing loss. Although it doesn’t replace a full assessment of your hearing by a healthcare professional. All you will need for the hearing test is a few minutes of your time and headphones. The test will give you an idea of if you have hearing loss and let you know that you should visit our hearing clinic for a full assessment.

Want to take a hearing test online? Click here to take the test online today.

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