Ear Wax Removal & Debridement in Kelowna

Ear wax is a good thing because it naturally protects the ear, but in some cases your body can produce excessive ear wax. In other cases, a blockage can be created by do-it-yourself like cotton swabs, bobby pins and other objects out into the ear.

One of the best ways to remove ear wax if necessary is by a hearing healthcare professional. They have knowledge of the ear and perform the process with more of a view of the ear.

Are Your Ears Blocked by Ear Wax?

Some people are prone to producing excessive ear wax, but it doesn’t automatically lead to blockage. The most common cause of ear wax blockage is when people try to remove the ear wax at home by themselves as do-it-yourself techniques often create a worse blockage.

How Does It Work?

Your healthcare provider can do a visual inspection of your ear to be able to tell if you have a build up of ear wax through a device called an otoscope. We also perform this check as part of our routine hearing tests.

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